Prince Eazy

Prince Eazy Prince Eazy is a drill rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is often praised for his creative lyrics as well as the visuals in his videos. Some of his most popular songs include ‘Dream Killer’, ‘Versace Remix’, and ‘Astroland’ among others. Prince Eazy’s amazing flow is often credited to the fact that he used to be a battle rapper in the beginning of his career. Many rappers from Chicago’s South Side are unable to work with some rappers due to their gang affiliations, but during an interview, Prince Eazy said he’s down to work with anyone regardless if they’re Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords or any other gangs, because he’s focus on his business.

Prince Eazy and Meek Mill Beef

Prince Eazy accused Philly rapper Meek Mill of stealing his flow. He claims that Meek Mill didn’t use to rap as he does now, and he stole his style after hearing one of his songs which featured Chief Keef. He claim Meek used his style in the song ‘Dreams and Nightmare Intro’. At the time the album was released, Prince Eazy was in prison, but claim, he would have done something about Meek Mill stealing his style had he been out.

After being released from jail, Prince Eazy went on to create and release multiple diss songs aimed at Meek Mill. One of his more popular diss was ‘Dream Killer’, an off shoot of Meek’s ‘Dream and Nightmare’. In the song Prince says ‘he stole my style, he petty’ and ‘I’m a shotgun, he Ricky’.

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