Quaddy Goon

Quaddy Goon is a rapper from Philadelphia. He gained some internet fame in 2014 for being in a Chiraq Remix song while only being 10 years old. Quaddy Goon became a hot topic at the time due to the fact that his verse in the song contained some very explicit lyrics such as the part in which he rapped "Text a b*tch, she coming through, she coming through, she sucking d*ck. Suck my dick so good I'm like you dirty b*tch, you dirty b*tch."

Quaddy Goon is one of many young rappers whom have had songs containing explicit lyrics most would not find fit for a child that age to be singing, the most famous of such rappers is Chicago rapper Lil Mouse whom created some controversies after releasing his song 'Get Smoked' while only 13 years old.

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