Raider Klan

Raider Klan(Raider Klan Mafia, Blackhand Raider Klan) is a rap group from Miami, Florida . The group often spells their name as follow “RVIDXR KLVN” for styling purposes. The group was founded by member ‘SpaceGhostPurrp’ and has been active since 2011. The group is very popular in Miami, Florida and Houston, Texas which is likely due to the fact that the group have members from both cities. Raider Klan members are often classified by critics as great lyricists.

Raider Klan Members

The current members of Raider Klan as of this date are Yung Simmie, Dough2x, Key Nyata, Nell, Rell, and Amber London. In 2013, the following members left the group, Sky Chris Travis, Lex, Ethelwulf, Eddy Jordan, and Denzel Curry. Following the departure of close to half the group in 2013, many started wondering if the group had disbanded; fans would soon learn the fate of the rap group, during that same year, they performed in ‘Coachella’ in California and ‘Ultra Music Festival’ in Florida, which are considered as 2 of the biggest festivals in the United States.

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