Rich Kidz

Rich Kidz is a hip-hop group from Atlanta, Georgia which was formed in 2008. In 2012, the group signed a record deal with Columbia Records. The group was founded by members RKaelub ( born Kaelub Denson) and Skool Boy (born Kazarion Fowler). The duo met in school while playing basketball and were named “Rich Kid$ (Rich Kids).”

Rich Kidz 4 Life (RK4L)

Prior to signing with Columbia Records, Rich Kidz had their own label know as Rich Kidz Music Group, LLC. Their label’s slogan was "Rich Kidz 4 Life, Ain't No Trading" or "RK4L."

Albums & Mixtapes

Rich Kidz have released numerous mixtapes which include A West Side Story, Straight Like, and Everybody Eat Bread among others. They released their debut EP titled Yars for Columbia Records on August 25, 2014. Some of their most popular songs include Friends With Benefits, Nobody, Bend Over (Feat Sayy), My Partna Dem, and Wassup among others.

Rich Kidz Members

  • RKaelub
  • Skateboard Skooly
  • RK MajorFlav
  • RK Sabo
  • RK Yayo
  • RK Youngin
  • RK Sapp

Rich Kidz Former members

  • Baby Charles
  • Jose Guapo
  • Rich Kid Shawty (now Known as Shad da God)

Rich Kidz – Nobody (Music Video)

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