Rizo Rich

Rizo(R) & Asher Roth(L)at a UCSD show
Rizo(R) & Asher Roth(L)at a UCSD show
Rizo Rich is a rapper from the West Coast living in El Centro, California. He’s a member of the rap group 1907 Syndicate, which also includes rappers CxRis and Goblin Loco. Rizo started making music at the age of 12 and always had a passion for it. He listed 50 Cent and Drake as an inspiration for rapping. Although he is currently unsigned Rizo says that if a label gives him what he wants he will sign to it. “I just want to get my family out the hood,” he said. Getting recognition from Soulja Boy, one of the hottest rappers in the game was a big step for Rizo. 

Rizo Rich was born in Mexicali, Mexico but moved to California at a young age. He never had a problem getting along with people. He went to three different elementary schools and three different high schools, everywhere he went they liked him. “I had a couple of haters here and there, they never did much but type some words on a keyboard in their room. Most of them later became fans cause’ they saw I was really serious about this,” he stated. 

Though he is focusing more on perfecting his craft right now, Rizo Rich, has performed many times as a teenager, he named Compton Ass AV, The New Boyz, Asher Roth, G Eazy, Chuck Inglish, Vic Mensa, Kids These Days and others. That's quite a start and he plans on going on tour with 1907 Syndicate in the near future. 

Rizo Rich's career debuted when 1907 Syndicate dropped a collaborative mixtape titled 100 Grand. When asked about the title he said, "Me and the bros are trynna' stack a hundred grand so we could REALLY make this music and live off it." Rizo is working on his EP which is set to drop next year. You can find him on YouTube, SoundCloud, Audiomack, HotNewHipHop, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, VK, and Facebook to stay updated.

Rizo - It'll Be Alright (Music Video)



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