Robert ( CT3x ) Mister

Robert CT3x Mister is an artist signed to Breakin Bread Entertainment 2020. He is originally from East Saint Louis, Illinois, but moved to Peoria, Il. at age 12. He first got notice when he dropped CT FROM DA BLOCK mixtape in 2009. He has yet to release another mixtape due to his prison time. CT3x has been shot and stabbed at age 17 and been in and out of prison. His last charges was having an illegal firearm. He has also done shows and opened up for artist such as: Project Pat , Twista , Peede Pablo Shawnna and King Louie. He recently won an move the crowd award from Dr. Dre son Curtis Young. He has videos that can be found online under NYSE VISION FILMS.


CT3x is known to be affiliated with the Black Disciples. In Robert CT3x Mister's videos, members of the gang can be seen throwing up trays. His police record is longer than most people his age and he has commited more than a handful of crimes due to Peoria Il police.

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