Roe Block (Chicago Gang)

Roe Block (Scotty Gang, Shayla City) is a set of the Titanic Stones (Black P Stones Faction) located on 8900 S Burley Chicago, IL. This Stone set adopted the name Roe Block in honor of fallen member and rapper Romelo "Young Roe" Golden.

Romelo "Young Roe" Golden Murder

Romelo "Young Roe" Golden was shot to death on June 13, 2012. According to authorities, while Young Roe was standing with 3 other individuals on the 8900 block of South Brandon Avenue, 17-year-old Keon Tolliver walked up to him, shook his hand and proceeded to shoot him 11 times. Roe was taken to the hospital but later died as a result of his injuries. Keon Tolliver was later arrested and charged as an adult for Romelo Golden's death.

Roe Block Enemies

Roe Block Rappers

Most of the members of the rap group GMEBE are from Roe Block. Some of the rappers from Roe Block or associated with them include:

  • GMEBE Pistol
  • GMEBE Bandz
  • GMEBE Allo
  • GMEBE Armani
  • GMEBE Bravo
  • GMEBE Chief Dinero

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