Sauce Walka

Sauce Walka is a rapper who loves to create great content and music for people all around the world. There are so many people who love to listen to his songs. Sauce was born on June 29,1990 and is 28 years old as of now. As he was born in the month of June, his star sign is Cancer. This talented rapper was born in Houston, TX. Sauce’s childhood was very tragic as he grew up in Houston with his mother who was an addict. Sauce also has a brother whose name is Dillon Clemons. Even though Sauce’s mother was not living a healthy life, but his father was a professional wrestler and there is no doubt that he was pretty good at it. Sauce Walka loves to get tattooed and he also has several tattoos on his face.

Now that we have talked about Sauce Walka’s personal life, we will get into his professional life. Sauce is best known for creating music and performing with his partner Sancho Saucy. Till now he has released many mixtapes such as Sorry 4 the sauce, Sorry 4 the sauce 2 and In sauce we trust. There is no doubt that he got a lot of success due to these mixtapes. He has also released many singles, but his biggest hits include “The kid that did” and “Ring around the roses”. Even though Sauce Walka is very talented but he got extremely famous in the hip hop music field after he released a track in which he dissed Drake who happens to be a very successful and popular rapper/singer all around the world. If you are looking for some good songs to download in your phone, then you should definitely check out Sauce Walka’s songs. We are pretty sure that you will love his songs.

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