Seltering Seltering is a fad started by Jen Selter, a fitness motivator. To selter, one needs to stand on one foot, while extending the other leg back as high as possible, and extending both your arm forward. This fad is yet another fads started in America, the last popular fad that bares resemblance to Seltering was Planking. It has yet to become popular with the masses, but the fact that Jen Selter have millions of followers on Instagram, it might catch on.

Critics claim that Seltering won't be as popular as Planking, mostly due to the fact that it's a fitness fad. They also think Seltering has a high probability of turning more into a sexual phrase, due to the fact that seltering bares resemblance to some sexual positions, and the majority of Jen Selter's fan are men whom appreciate her looks.

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