Sharkeisha became an internet sensation after a video of her brutally attacking ShaMichael Manuel went viral. Sharkeisha was later arrested on charges of assault with bodily injury. Little is known about Sharkeisha other than her being a 16 years old high school student from Texas.

Sharkeisha Video

The video starts with Sharkeisha confronting ShaMichael Manuel, and out of nowhere Sharkeisha hits Manuel with a sucker punch which sends her to the ground. Sharkeisha then punches multiple times while on the ground along with a heavy kick. According to ShaMichael Manuel, the fight was about a man whom Sharkeisha believed Manuel was trying to get with. According to ShaMichael Manuel, she was set by friends whom invited her to their apartment complex to grab her personal belongings.

Sharkeisha Aftermath

Following the release of the fight video, Sharkeisha became an instant internet celebrity with numerous memes being made in her honor. Sharkeisha even acknowledge her stardom in tweets she posted on her twitter. While Sharkeisha was enjoying her new found fame from the video, her victim, wasn’t as happy, though she recovered from the attack, she claims the brutal attack will always hunt her.

Sharkeisha MeMes and Jokes

Sharkeisha became a slang word meaning to get beat up badly, ie “If you don’t stop it, you gonna get Sharkeishad”. Numerous MeMes were made starring Sharkeisha with most of them depicting Sharkeisha as a shark.

Sharkeisha Dance

Sharkeisha has been mentioned in numerous songs. A little while after he fight with ShaMichael was aired, a parody hip hop video of her fight was released. The song is titled “Hit That Sharkeisha Dance” by Marquis Trill.

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