Shy Glizzy

Shy Glizzy is a young up and coming rapper from DC’s Southeast area. He started rapping at a very young age and is often compared to the likes of Lil Boosie and Eazy-E. He is still an unsigned artist but has released numerous mixtapes in the hope of making a name for himself. Shy Glizzy is from the DMV(District-Maryland-Virginia) which many rappers from DC associates themselves with such as Wale and Fat Trel.

Shy Glizzy’s hard life in the streets of DC often comes up in his rap songs. He’s father was murdered while he was only 19. Though very young, he has had his fair share of problem with the law, and has been incarcerated prior to becoming a rapper. He never graduated high school and managed to obtain his GED while in prison.

Fat Trel and Shy Glizzy Beef

Though there’s no indication as to what started the beef between fellow DC rappers Fat Trel and Shy Glizzy, many believe that Shy Glizzy dissed Fat Trel in attempt to get his name out to the public. At the time when the beef started Fat Trel was already very popular, which was not the case for Glizzy. The initial song that started the beef was a song released by Glizzy titled “Disrespect the Tech” which was a play on Fat Trel’s popular song known as “Respect With The Tech”. The beef was squashed with the help of fellow DC rapper “Wale” whom made a series of phone call in attempt to initiate peace between the two rappers.

Shy Glizzy and Chief Keef Beef

Around the time Glizzy was beefing with Fat Trel, another beef started between Glizzy and Chicago rapper Chief Keef, the beef is believed to have been the result of Chief Keef collaborating with Fat Trel, whom Glizzy was beefing with. Chief Keef also disrespected the DMV in some of his tweets which many believed also was part of the reason for the beef. Shy Glizzy released a diss track aimed at Chief Keef titled “3Milli”. Although Wale was able to squashed the beef between Shy Glizzy and Fat Trel, there’s no sign of peace between him and Chief Keef.

While Chief Keef was in DC for a concert, their bus was allegedly shot up by Glizzy's camp. Shy Glizzy tweeted Chief Keef saying "who made that bus glo up?". Hi Def, a videographer from Chicago whom is beefing with Chief Keef and his camp tweeted the following on the situation "Don't let these gbe rappers fool u, I done seen these n*ggaz get shot at in dc by glizzy people, n ain't pop shit back fraud thuggin".

Glizzy Gang

Glizzy Gang is a group started by Shy Glizzy which include rappers ‘Plies’, ‘Ant’, ‘Snipe’, ‘3', and ‘Quette’. All members of the group’s last name are ‘Glizzy’. Though the group has released numerous songs together, very few of them have released their own singles. Some of the group’s most popular songs are “Do It”, “US”, “UOENO”, as well as numerous others.

Mixtapes and Songs

After his release from prison, Shy Glizzy decided to try rapping as a career and dropped his first mixtape titled “No Brainer”. Since releasing his debut mixtape, he has released numerous others such as “Law 2”, “F*ck Rap” as well as others. Some of his most popular songs include “3milli”(a Chief Keef diss), “I am DC”, “Free The Gang”, “Disrespect The Tech” as well as countless others.

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