Sicko Mobb

Sicko Mobb is a rap group from Chicago’s West Side, consisting of two members, Lil Trav and Lil Ceno; Lil Trav is Lil Ceno's younger brother Their rap style is part of drill music; they are the premier rappers representing the bop movement, which is a form of rapping which incorporates ‘Bop’(A dance originating from Chicago) in their songs. When they first started rapping Bop wasn't part of their songs, but when they started incorporating Bop into their music, they claim it elevated their fame to new spotlights. Some of their most popular songs include Fiesta, Hoes Be Going In, and Young Heavy among others.

According to a post from Sicko Mobb in November 2013, they were offered a 3 million dollar deal by both Intersope and Def Jam record labels. In their post on Instagram, they asked their fans, which label they should signed with, their fans overwhelmingly picked Def Jam. Sicko Mobb had a song titled ‘Maserati’ with Lil Durk, a Def Jam Artist.

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