Smoking on Opp Packs (Meaning)

It's very common to hear rappers in Drill music talk about how they're smoking on dead opp packs. This term is a way of insulting dead members of rival gangs, especially in Chicago. When someone gets shot, people often say they got smoked, thus someone smoking on an "Opp" pack is literally saying they're killing them. Opp is short for opposition (enemies), while pack is referencing weed. When someone have a pack of weed, they might name it after a dead opp before they smoke it. The term is mostly used in the following manner, "I'm smoking on this 'insert dead rival name' pack."

Not everyone uses this term to diss their rivals, some people believe if someone's dead, there's no need to diss them any further.

Smoking on Opp Packs Examples

Many Chicago drill rappers have mentioned in their lyrics that they're smoking on an opp pack, a couple examples are listed below.

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