Solo Lucci

Solo Lucci is a rapper from Texas. He was born on April 14, 1995 in Forth Worth, Texas. Solo Lucci moved to Atlanta in order to expand his music and when he got there, he experienced several difficulties.

Solo Lucci Influences

Like many other rappers and musicians, the young rapper claims that Tupac, UGK, and Swisha House are the influence behind his music. Tupac’s influence on the rapper is so significant that he released his first single called “RIP Tupac” in 2012. In this song, Solo Lucci pays tribute to the deceased Tupac by using a combination of strong bass and smooth lyrics.

The Atlanta rapper is considered to be a master of lyrics and he says that rapping is mostly about creating the proper relationships because those relationships are what got him to where he is today.

Solo Lucci Before the Fame

Solo Lucci was raised by a single parent and, after moving to Atlanta, continued his determination in becoming an amazing rapper because he refused to let the people back home to see him fail.

Solo’s song “Whip It” has brought him the most success in his career and it gained him one million listens on SoundCloud. The song has gone beyond the music sharing website, however, because it is also used in several vines.

Solo Lucci Life Now

Solo Lucci’s song “RIP Tupac” gained him over half a million views and because of his growing popularity, the rapper was able to release an album called “F*ck Your Favourite Rapper” in 2013. This album features songs like “Catch a Body”, “HYFR,” and “PSA”.

In 2014, Solo Lucci was joined by the well-known artist Akon for their song, “Killaz & Drug Dillaz”. This song granted more exposure and fame; thereby, leading to his mixtape called, “Life After Death.”

Now, entering Solo Lucci’s name on Google displays several articles and links regarding his hit single, “Whip It”. The artist is featured on Google Play, on Spotify, and on Apple Music.

In an interview, Solo Lucci discusses how he never knew how many fans he had until recently. He also talks about his experience working with Akon and how he got this opportunity through releasing good music. Solo Lucci claims that his future music will be much better than the songs he has released so far; therefore, he should only get more successful.

Solo Lucci has created several songs with R. Kelly and an album is in the works. The rapper has risked a lot to be where he is today and his success is not perceived to slow down anytime soon. His very dedication to his music and to his influences demonstrate his determination to become one of the best rappers out there.

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