TBG Meechie

TBG Meechie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, born March 13th 1996. He is a member of the notorious Santana Blocc Compton Crips whom are rivals to the Gangster Disciples. TBG Meechie is a member of TBG, a group from Chicago whom are also apart of the GDK movement. Though new to the game, Meechie has already release 2 songs in which he paid homage to both L'A Capone and OTF Nunu; both Capone and Nunu were rappers whom fell victim to the violent street of Chicago.

Used 2 Remix

TBG Meechie released a remix for the song 'Used 2", in the song he says "NuNu they caught bro lackin, catch Lil Jay I'll get to clappin, bullets hit him, now who lackin?".

Round Here Remix

TBG Meechie released a remix for the song Round Here by L'A Capone, in it he said "Run up on me its shooting time, let it blow like 20 times, glocc 40 wit a rubber grip and a laser on it that's mine, n*gga took L'A now u n*ggas gotta pay, glocc 19 on the side there is a k".

Which he pays respect to his best friend "Andre Johnson" that was killed in Milwaukee, Wi July 12, 2010. He shouts him out in lots of the freestyles he make.

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