TTBNEZ-Fuck Da Opp Lyrics

I'm in the field everyday,
We got 30s we got 8s
Catch lil LA from 600 Ima shoot em in his face
Team no Lackin, it ain't safe
Line him up and end his day
Caught lil CJ from the WIC he damn near pissed when he seen my face
Man these n*ggas just be talking, they be cooling where it's safe
I got 50 in this Mac, white cluck red tape
These n*ggas actors, they ain't clapping
30 flip em like a mattress 223 will clear the crowd
Turn you p*ssy niggas down
TTB we trained to blow
Smoke a smoke em like some dope
Fuck the Opps them n*ggas hoes and that 7 leave em froze
We give out smoke that shit for free I got a z call up bd
I got a stain, go grab the heat, this Molly got a n*gga rolling , I can't even go to sleep
Put the Glock up on his teeth, knock his top all on his sneaks leave a n*gga brain dead
N*ggas know I'm TTB , no need to pay we shoot for free
Ride and slump a n*gga over, he’ll put em on a tee
AIn’t no lackin, while its crackin shoot 32 this ain’t a V
Shots fired, man down, that’s another RIP
I’m Lil Yummy in the streets, I’ll wear the n*gga for a week
Then I finesse him for a key, I got 30 in this 40 with the beam play hide in seek
They looking for me I ain't hiding, I'm in traffic bitch I'm riding
Run up on a n*gga slump with this 40 bullets flying

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