Tag Your Sponsor (also known as Tag The Sponsor) is a website dedicated to exposing escorts/prostitutes on Instagram. Those escorts often take picture of themselves flexing with items that they don't own while on trips they didn't pay for. The premise of this site is that those females should be grateful to the individuals funding their lifestyle by tagging them in their pictures. TagYourSponsor has released some print-screens of chats with Instagram Models discussing prostitution.

Tag Your Sponsor Criticism

While they're usually right about individuals they exposed, they have been wrong on some, which have led to some backlash since no sane female would want to be called a prostitute.

Tag Your Sponsor Social Network Accounts

TagYourSponsor has numerous social network accounts, but Instagram was their main one since that's where all the escorts/prostitutes are. Their original instagram account was banned, hence the reason they changed their name from TagYourSponsor to TagTheSponsor. It seems that both accounts are now banned.

Tag Your Sponsor (Theme Song)

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