Trill Sammy

Trill Sammy is a rapper from Houston, Texas. He was born on November 30, 1997. He’s an overnight sensation whose popularity is only going to grow, as he continues to make videos. There are those who dislike him because he became an overnight sensation due to the fact that many other rappers must work their entire lives in order to become successful. Trill Sammy doesn’t mind the bad publicity; he works under the thought that all publicity is good publicity.

Trill Sammy Family

Trill Sammy is very close to his mother; however, she did not believe in his fame when it first started because she thought he was exaggerating. When, for example, they go to the grocery store together and someone asks for his autograph, his mother tends to ask him why because she still isn’t completely sold on the idea of his being a rapper.

Trill Sammy Career

Trill Sammy started his career by making songs and posting them to Twitter. While he did not initially believe that his songs were worth it, they gained sixteen thousand retweets within a single week. That’s when Trill Sammy decided to take his music one step further. Before long, he began playing in clubs and at parties.

Though he is from Houston, Trill Sammy states that the city doesn’t have any big stars and that when people think of Houston, they don’t think of its hip hop culture. He claims that before the fame, he was simply hanging around and getting into trouble. He would skip school but always knew that he had potential.

Trill Sammy Fans

Trill Sammy has a large amount of followers on Instagram; in fact, he has over 700,000 fans backing him up. Before he gained his 700, 000+ Instagram followers, he was rapping on Twitter. On Twitter, he has amassed more than 210, 000followers and this number is only expected to grow as Trill Sammy becomes more popular. In an interview in 2015, Trill Sammy revealed that around eighty percent of his fan base is made up of women.

Beyond Twitter, he’s also become a sensation on Vine. His first song “Trappin’” is his most known and his most successful. His followed this song with others like it; for example, “Like Martin” and “Wholesale”.

The appeal to Trill Sammy comes, perhaps, from his highly energized music, his lyrical content, and unique style. The combination of these elements has granted him a spot within the hip hop community.

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