TuTu Gang

Tutu Gang is a nickname adopted by the St Lawrence Boys(STL), an Insane Black Disciples and Insane Gangster Disciples gang in Chicago’s South Side. STL adopted the nickname after one of their members, Carlton “TuTu” Archer, whom was found dead in an alley with bullet wounds to the head and torso in 2011. His body was discovered on the 6200 block South Eberhart Avenue around 10 Pm by a man taking his dog for a walk; TuTu was 17 years old at the time of his death.

Following his untimely death, the St Lawrence Boys(STL) adopted the nickname ‘TuTu Gang’ in his honor. Authorities in Chicago claim his murder was the result of gang violence, though his mother claims he was not a gang member and only hung out with them.

As time passed, many gang members from the St Lawrence Boys gang have become rappers and often praise TuTu in their songs. Though he’s often praised in songs by his friends, TuTu is often on the receiving end of insults from rappers in rival gangs, such as Chief Keef, a Black Disciples gang member. In his song War, Chief Keef says “I'm high off this tooka pack, I'm high off this Aiki pack, I'm high off this Tu-Tu pack, Smoking on that Jay Loud”. People whom get shot are often referred to as ‘getting smoked’, hence Chief Keef saying he’s ‘High off this Tu-Tu pack’ is his way of mimicking Tu-Tu’s death.

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