Tyga was was born ‘Michal Ray Nguyen-Stevenson on November 19, 1989 in Compton, California. Tyga is a rapper whom is presently signed to Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, and Universal Republic Records. Tyga’s name is an acronym which stands for “Thank You God Always”. Prior to being signed to his current record labels, Tyga became popular with his hit song “Coconut Juice” which featured his cousin ‘Travie McCoy’, and included cameo from rapper Lil Wayne and rock artist “Pete Wentz”. Tyga is also the owner of his own record label known as ‘Last Kings Entertainment’. Tyga is part Vietnamese and Jamaican, he lists Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Cam’ron, and Eminem as some of the rappers whom inspired him.

Music Career

When Tyga’s cousin “Travis McCoy’’s band became famous and started appearing on TV stations such as MTV, Tyga decided to hit him and gave him his mixtape to check out. Travis McCoy was impressed, and decided to sign him to his record label ‘Bat Squat Records’. Tyga soon became an unofficial member of Travis’ group “Gym Class heroes” and started touring with them. Tyga would soon meet Lil Wayne while performing a song by Fall Out Boy titled ‘Arms Race’ with Lil Wayne at the 2007 Mtv Awards. Lil Wayne was impressed by Tyga’s talent, and they soon became friends, and Tyga was featured on Lil Wayne’s album ‘The Carter III”. Tyga would later sign to “Young Money Entertainment” which is owned by Lil Wayne.

Baby Mama

In October 5, 2011 Tyga met a model/stripper name Blac Chyna at an after party for the F.A.M.E tour with Christ Brown at the King Of Diamonds club in Miami. Blac Chyna would become his lead lady in a video he later released titled “Rack City”. Soon after the Rack City video was released, rumors started circulating that Tyga was dating Blac Chyna and that she was pregnant with Tyga’s baby. The rumors about Blac Chyna’s pregnancy were confirmed in July of 2012 as the couple was spotted at six flags, while Chyna was trying to hide what everyone knew was a baby bump. Their son was born on October 16, 2012 and was named ‘King Cairo Stevenson’. On the day of his son’s birth, Tyga bought a $6.5 million mansion Calabasas, California for the family. Blac Chyna announced in 2012 that she was engaged to rapper Tyga in 2012. In May 2013, various news reports claim that Tyga contracted some STDs from his stripper baby mama Blac Chyna, including HPV and Chlamydia.

Tyga Gang

Is Tyga in a gang? This is a popular question being asked by Tyga’s fans, Tyga always talks about being associated with ‘Hoover gang’ such as in his song ‘Well Done 2’ in which he says “All my n*ggas do the same, most my homies Hoover Gang - Larry Hoover, Lawrence Taylor, giant Glocks”. Tyga always wear red which indicates that he’s a blood from Compton. All those rumors were busted when a clip from an old MTV show ironically called ‘Bustas’ showed Tyga talking about how good of a life he had growing up, and he didn’t actually grow up in Compton, but from a very nice neighborhood in the valley in Cardena, California. Tyga claimed that he was actually lying on the show Bustas, he only lived in the valley for short period of time, which happened to be when he went on the TV show. ‘YG’ whom is a rapper that Tyga collaborated on various songs is a blood gang member from Compton, he was asked if it bothered him that Tyga might be a fake blood, he said not really.

Tyga Shot

While performing in a show on March 19, 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska, some of the individuals attending the concert started tossing items on stage at Tyga. Tyga was enraged by their actions which led to him ending the show early and telling whoever it was to meet him outside. According to police statements, as Tyga was leaving the venue of his concert, he and his entourage were followed by a black sedan, and moments later multiple shots were fired at Tyga, and two members of his entourage were wounded. One his label’s artist ‘Honey Cocaine’ was shot in the arm, and Derrick Lowe was grazed in the hip by a bullet. Both of the wounded victims made full recoveries.

Last Kings Entertainment

Tyga is the owner of the record label ‘Last Kings Entertainment’ which includes artist such ‘Honey Cocaine’. Freddy E used to be signed to Tyga’s record label until he committed suicide in January 2013.

Albums and Songs

Tyga has released numerous albums including , “No Introduction (2008)”, “Careless World: Rise of the Last King (2012)”, “Hotel California (2013)”. Some of Tyga’s most popular songs include ‘Faded’, ‘Rack City’, ‘Lap Dance’, ‘Snap Backs’, ‘Do My Dance’ as well as numerous other songs.

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