Vonno (born Jevante Johnson) was a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He was shot to death on Friday, July 25, 2014 in the 300 block of 157th Street in Calumet City. He was taken to Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, but later died as a result of his injuries at the age of 20. Vonno was a member of Stain Gang, a Gangster Disciples click in Chicago. A few days before being shot, Vonno released a music video on youtube titled "I Might Die." Vonno, whom had a young daughter tweeted the following on the day that he died "“I can die any day dats why every night I pray dat da lord don’t take me away from my family !”

Vonno's Death

According to Authorities, Vonno met with Jamal Hoare (22) of Dolton, and Jacob Wilson (19) for a drug deal worth $275 on the day he was shot. After meeting with the duo, Vonno got in their car (van) and attempted to rob them, but the person sitting next to Vonno in the back seat pulled out a gun and shot him multiple times. Both Hoare and Wilson were charged with Vonno's murder and authorities say they are looking for a third suspect whom they believe was Vonno's shooter in the incident.

Police were able to identify Hoare and Wilson because one of them was shot in the leg during the botched robbery and went to the hospital, the individual that was shot left one of his shoes in the van, when he arrived at the hospital with only one shoe, the hospital informed the Police Department which led them to Hoare and Wilson.

According to authorities, Vonno was part of a click which is known for setting fake drug deals and robbing their clients. Their click's name is actually Stain Gang which they got from the slang term 'Hit a Stain'.

Vonno - I Might Die (Music Video)

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