Yung Gleesh

Young Gleesh (Asa Asuncion) was born on November 21, 1989. He is a rapper from 18th and Monroe on the Northeast side of Washington D.C. Growing up, Young Gleesh traveled a lot due to his father being stationed overseas in the army. Gleesh claims he started rapping due to Gucci Mane's early works. Gleesh's style is often compared to rapper Lil B. Prior to starting his solo career he co-founded the D.C. go-go band TOB.Some of Young Gleesh's most popular songs include Wasabi, Since When, and Trappin Benny among others.

Yung Gleesh Charged With Sexual Assault

According to Austin Police, Yung Gleesh was in Austin, Texas to perform a show. While at a friend's place , he allegedly sexually assaulted one of the females staying in the place on March 20, 2015. According to the victim's friend, the victim was drunk, when she got in the house she found Yung Gleesh and the victim partially naked, an argument ensued, Yung Gleesh left the place, and the friend was taken to the hospital. Yung Gleesh turned himself in a few days later and was released on bail.

Yung Gleesh - Trappin Benny

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