051 Young Money

051 Young Money is a renagade set of the Mickey Cobras gang located in Chicago. 051 YM is not affiliated with other MC sets which is why they are renegades, they are actually at war with numerous MC sets such as 44th Princeton. This particular set of the Mickey Cobras is currently at war with multiple other gangs in the city, most notably the Black Disciples gang. The gang's name was adopted from the 'Young Money Entertainment' record label, which was founded by Lil Wayne. 051 Young Money is also known as Zeko World and Fatz World among others.

This particular set of the gang gained notoriety following the death of well-known up and coming rapper named Leonard "L'A Capone" Anderson. L'A Capone was a 600 Black Disciples gang member whom was gun down while coming out of a recording studio on September 26, 2013, he was taken to the hospital, but later died from his injuries. Three members of Young Money were arrested in connection with the shooting, Sakhee Hardy-Johnson, 17, Michael Mays, 21, and Meiko Buchanan. Authorities claim they all admitted to playing some part in the murder of L'A Capone.

The beef between 051 Young Money and the Black Disciples has been going on for a while, as members of the gangs started becoming rappers, a number of them took it upon themselves to diss rivals in their songs. In songs by Young Money rappers, they can often be heard saying 'BDK' and seen 'Cracking Treys'; meanwhile, in Black Disciples video, their rappers are often heard saying 'Die Y' and disrespecting dead Young Money rappers such as in Rondonumbanine's song 'Taliban'.

Lil Marc Dead

In 2014, Lil Marc, a rapper and prominent Young Money member was found dead at a bus stop from a hail of gunshots. Days before getting gun down, Lil Marc released a video to his song 'Competition (remix)' in which he dissed numerous dead rival gang members.

051 Young Money Nicknames

It's common for Chicago gangs to adopt nicknames in honor of their fallen members, below are some nicknames adopted by 051 Young Money.

Lance Land
Los City
Zeko World
Marc Gang
Fatz World

Notable 051 Young Money Members

  • Lil Marc (Rapper/Dead)
  • Zeko (Dead)
  • Los (Dead)
  • Taco (Dead)
  • Rose (Rapper)
  • Fatz (Dead)
  • Boom (Rapper/Dead)
  • Big A (Dead)
  • Polo (Dead)
  • Cornbread (Dead)
  • T Streetz (Dead)
  • Wank (Dead)

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