Angelo Loski

Angelo Loski (also known as TYMB Loskiii & Savage Loskiii) is a rapper, youtube commentator, and a Gangster Disciples gang member from Chicago, Illinois. As a rapper Angelo Loskiii goes by the name Savage Loskiii. Savage Loskiii's songs fall under drill music, a sub-genre of Hip Hop. Loskiii has a youtube channel which he dedicates to discussing current events in Chicago (Chiraq), as well as exposing rappers claiming they're gang banging when they're not.

Loskiii Gang Affiliation

Angelo Loski is a member of KillaWard, a set of the Gangster Disciples gang which is currently at war with Gville. When Loskiii started his youtube channel, he claimed he was a Black Disciple member from TYMB.

Loskiii Music Career

Angelo Loski also raps, though fairly new to the rap scene, many of his songs are well received by critics, and can be heard on his Audiomack page.

Loskiii Youtube Channel

Angelo Loski is best known for his youtube channel in which he has exposed numerous drill rappers of not living the life they rap about, below are some of the most controversial things he's revealed on his channel:

  • Though many people believe Tadoe was a BD, Loskiii released a picture showing Tadoe throwing up pitchforks (rakes), a sign of the Gangster Disciples.
  • OTF NunU was a GD from Face World.
  • He ain't never seen Lil Durk in the field except when his guardians

Savage Loskiii - Ray Ray

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