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The Aztec Souls gang started in 1998 in Chicago, Illinois, and is a member of the People Nation. Their members are all Latino. Their symbols consist of the Aztec Eagle and a Cross with 5 dots. Their colors are Black and Brown. Their slogans are “As The Best F*ck The Rest” and “Black and Brown Put You Down.” The member count is believed to be around 300.

Aztec Souls Gang History

The Aztec Souls gang was formed in 1998 in Chicago, Illinois. The founder of the group comes from a party crew known as TPc’s (stands for The Players Crew). Aztec Souls began in Calumet City and later on moved to the south east side. They were at war with a crew called Lynch Mobs that were on the 104th Ave block which is now the headquarters of Aztech Souls. The war between the Lynch Mobs and Aztec Souls forced Lynch Mobs to flip Spanish Vice Lords (SVLs) which resulted in a bigger war between the Aztec Souls and SVLs. An even worse war began between SVLs and Aztec Soul following the death of the Aztec Soul Kike. Later on, the Aztec Souls members flipped to Latin Kings which brought Aztec Souls and Kings closer; Latin Kings labelled the Aztec Souls as Future Latin Kings; however, a dispute between Aztecs and Kings began a small war that caused some Aztec Souls to flip to Latin Dragons while many just sat it out until the war died down. Later on in 2003, Aztec Souls began branching off the starting hoods in Hegwish, Hammond, Indiana, and Calumet City. Aztec Souls are at war with several gangs like King Cobras, KGBs (KrazyGetdown Boys), Spanish Gangster Disciple’s, Ambrose, Latin Counts, Spanish Vice Lords, and Latin Dragons.

They are a though tiny gang on the South East Side, despite a few conflicts with the Kings, they still have a strong alliance with one another.

Aztec Souls Gang Locations

East Side Souls

  • 101ST & AVE L
  • 103RD & AVE J
  • 105TH & AVE L

Hammond Ind.

  • 142nd -143RD & TOWLE "GK TOWN"


  • 133RD/134TH BUFFALO

Lansing, IL

  • Calumet City "Conflict City"

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