BD Twins (Chicago Gang Members)

The BD Twins refers to Varney Voker and Varmah Voker whom are twin brothers. Both Voker brothers used to be high ranking members of the Black Disciples gang in Chicago, their reign came to an end on May 12, 2004 when they were both arrested as part of a 6 year investigation against the Black Disciples gang. Both Voker brothers are currently locked up.

Twins and The Rap Industry

In 2014,a rap beef started when Durk-Rap Artist" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Lil Durk dissed Tyga on his Chiraq freestyle, Tyga responded back with his own Chiraq freestyle dissing Durk with the help of Game. Game decided to drop numerous gangster names from Chicago as if he knew them, including the following lines referring to the Twins "BD twins locked up in the feds and my nigga Bump J, hold your head". G Count of the LEP Bogus Boys, whom the game also mentioned in his diss decided to respond to the game and told Game he didn't know him nor the Twins like that. In a video released by G Count for his Chiraq Freestyle, Count brought out Varney Voker's son, and asked him if his father knew who the game was, he said his father had no idea who Game was. Furthermore, it's possible that the game had no idea that the BD Twins are actually relatives of Lil Durk.

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