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Dex Osama was a rapper from Detroit who is best known for his contribution to the Hip Hop music genre. Sadly, Dex Osama was murdered on September 2, 2015 when he was just twenty-six years old. He reportedly got angry at his girlfriend, who was a stripper at the club where his murder took place, because she was going to dance for someone they knew and later that night, he was shot in the chest. Dex Osama’s biological name was Byron Cox. Two men, 31 year old Dietrick Odums and 47 year old Otis Davis, were charged with Byron Cox’s murder; however, he is remembered for more than his death.

The rapper from Detroit has co-signs from several well-known artists; such as, Dej Loaf and Meek Mill. He was 21 years old and was set on becoming Detroit’s next big sensation. Dex Osama even opened for Dej Loaf during Summer Jamz that June. Together, the duo performed a piece called “Lifestyle Pt.II”.

People are drawn into Dex Osama’s music for his lyrics. Here, nothing is censored and he raps about the streets of his home town, Detroit. Despite being part of a gang knows as Choppa Boyz, the rapper had big dreams of making it out of Detroit with the help of his music, according to Meek Mill upon Byron Cox’s death. Meek Mill posted a picture of the two men together and reminisced over the rapper and used the opportunity to give a lesson to his fans. He told them to keep their determination and to not let the streets crush them or to stop them from achieving their dreams.

Dex Osama’s song, “Clean up Man” talks about his gang, Choppa Boyz and is one of his most popular songs. His is also popular for “Truth” and “Death on Me”. The authenticity behind his lyrics are what gained him so many followers; in fact, “Death on Me” got him one and a half million views on SoundCloud. This song’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of his life; saying, “My mama said I got death on me / The reason I got this vest on me / These niggas want me then come get me / I ain’t hiding nigga I’m in the city.”

The rapper began putting out music through YouTube, where he easily reached over a million views. His Twitter account shows that before his death, Dex Osama was trying to get his life together. He tweeted, “Ain’t smoke in two days and AINT drink no lean in two weeks im done with the drugs.”

Although Dex Osama’s life was cut too short, his legacy lies in his music. More than anything, Dex Osama did not pretend to be someone he was not and while he never got the chance to leave Detroit, his fans continue to listen to his music loyally.

Dex Osama - "Clean Up Man" (Music Video)

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