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Fatus Fee is a Nigerian rapper whose real name is Omotayo Hassan born March 18, 1981. Raised out of Chicago Fatus Fee album Sam Stanley Shon sold over 5k records Fatus is known for his song with Soulja boy " Impress Me" . Fatus also is a actor he has been on big shows like Empire on fox and Chicago fire, He is also older brother to grammy producers Chrisitian Rich. One of his top songs is " Put me out " it made top 200 on billboard UK. Fatus Fee new show "Gone in a minute" is a hit first episode over 200k viewers in weeks, it comes on every monday 9pm channel 25 comcast,Youtube,Roku and apple stream. The show has big stars like Spike Lee,Derek Rose,Raven Symone,Pat Quinn,Jessie White,Vic Spencer,Prince Eazy,Christian Rich and more. FATUS FEE STORE RAIDED BY CHICAGO POLICE Fatus fee own a store on 6437 S. Cottage Grove which was called Hassan Sweets Unlimted , on December 29, 2008 at 8;35 CPD kicked door in and found 7 guns , 2 pounds of weed and half a key of crack. He faught case almost 2 years before beating the case in trial , his lawyer Sam Adams Jr. caught the police in a lie on stand and the judge was force to find him not guilty of all charges.

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FATUS FEE NEW ALBUM " OMOTAYO " set to drop July 4,2016

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