Gakirah Barnes

Gakirah Barnes whom went by the nickname ‘K.I.” was a gang member from Tooka Gang in Chicago, she was murdered on on Friday April 11, 2014 at the age of 17. Though young, KI was seen as a ruthless killer in the streets of Chicago, and was often called ‘Snoop’ in the streets (Snoop was a ruthless murderer on the fictional television series ‘The Wire’). Many Claim that Gakirah Barnes had murdered someone by the young age of 14, and might have been responsible for as many as 20 murders.

Barnes lived with her mother whom described her as a sweet loving girl, though she did acknowledge she wasn’t an angel. Garkirah’s father was murdered while she was less than a year old on Easter Sunday, 1997. According to police records, though KI’s been arrested numerous times, she’s never been arrested for any crime close to murder.

Gakirah Barnes Murders

Though there’s no evidence to support those statements, some claim that Gakirah Barnes has murdered more than 20 people in her short lived tenure as a gang member. 2 of the more famous murders she’s been credited with is the death of Odee Perry and rapper Blood Money. Odee Perry was a member of the Black Disciples, a rival gang, and is believed to have been killed in 2011 as retaliation for one of Barnes’ gang members, Shondale "Tooka" Gregory, that was murdered earlier. Though there’s no evidence that Barnes committed the murder, Lil Jay, a rapper and a member of Barnes’ gang posted a picture on his instagram with Barnes and her brother with the caption “#Gang Shout Out to RHEM(Them) twins that made O Block #Seriously”. O’block is a nickname adopted by Odee’s click in his honor.

On April 9, 2014 rapper and gangster Disciples gang member Blood Money (Mario Hess) was gunned down in a hail of bullets and died as a result of his injuries. Tooka gang members started taunting Blood Money following his death, Lil Jay posted a video of himself drinking a red beverage while singing ‘sipping on Blood Money’.

K.I. and King Von

In late 2012 an altercation, in a train station, took place between K.I. and King Von (A member of the Oblock set 600 and also a well-known hitter) in which a fight broke out between the two. King Von took to twitter to boast about the fight.
L Converted

Days after the fight King Von took a particular liking K.I. and attempted to romance her to no avail.

The conversations dove more in depth on King Von's sexual intentions when K.I.'s twitter account was hacked, revealing DMs between the two. The messages indicated King Von had the notion to "have" K.I. after the war between the southside BDs and GDs came to an end.
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These flirtatious backwards and forwards would continue on until the time of King Von's arrest in late 2012.

Gakirah Barnes Death

On Friday April 11, 2014, while walking with 2 other individuals to a friend’s house to have lunch, Gakirah Barnes was shot about 9 times in Woodlawn around 3:30 pm, she reportedly was shot in the chest, jaw, leg, and neck and later died as a result of her injuries. The two other individuals Barnes was with were also shot but survived their injuries; one of them was her twin brother. Barnes death comes 2 years after her little 13 year old cousin Tyquan Tyler was murdered.

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