IDGT (Meaning)

IDGT is an acronym which stands for "I Don't Get Tired." This acronym became popular as a result of rapper Keving Gates constantly using it. Kevin Gates released a song titled #IDGT, he later went on to release another song featuring August Alsina titled "I Don't Get Tired."

Young Thug released a short video in which he talked about things he don't get tired of in 2014, many believed that was a sneak diss aimed at Kevin Gates for saying Young Thug was gay.

Young Thug - I Don't Get Tired Video

Video Transcript:

“Hey man, I don’t get tired of these children sayin’ ‘Gay,’ I don’t get tired of fuc*in’ these b*tches, drinkin’ this motherfu*kin’ Act,” he said. “The only thing I get tired of is a pus*y nig*a slick dissin’ and you know who I’m talkin’ about. And I damn sure don’t get tired of spraying at yo p*ssy ass. Pull up f*ck boy."

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