Icewear Vezzo

Icewear Vezzo is a rapper from the eastside of Detroit, Michigan. He was born "Chivez Smith" on October 31, 1989. Icewear Vezzo started rapping at the early age of 12 and was influenced by rappers such as Biggie Smalls, Master P, 2Pac, Jeezy, Juvenile, and Jay Z. Icewear Vezzo linked up with Green Guyz in Minnesota, and made their own version of the group in Detroit. In 2012, Icewear Vezzo kicked off his solo career with the release of his classic album "The Clarity." Icewear Vezzo has released numerous albums which include The Clarity, The Clarity 2, and The City is Mine.

Icewear Vezzo is often referred to as"The King of Detroit" and "King of the City."

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