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JoJo World is a nickname for 069Brickquad, a set of the Gangster Disciples. Bricksquad decided to adopt the nickname in honor of one of their fallen members named Lil JoJo. Lil JoJo was an up and coming rap artist whom gunned down in 2012 in Chicago. Though Lil JoJo’s killers were never caught, many believe it was the result of the gang war between Bricksquad and various Black Disciple sets in Chicago. Lil JoJo’s mother went on television to claim that she believe Chief Keef, a Black Disciples member, was involved though she doesn’t believe he carried out the act; she believe he was the one that ordered the hit on her son. Chief Keef has denied those allegations.

It is not uncommon for gangs to adopt nicknames in honor of their fallen members. Bricksquad also adopted ‘Aikiville’ as a nickname following the death of one of their members.

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