Joshua JayLoud Davis

Joshua JayLoud Davis Joshua JayLoud Davis was an 18 year old Chicago rapper whom was supposedly murdered for wearing a Lil JoJo t-shirt on Christmas day of 2012. Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman was also a rapper from Chicago and a member of Bricksquad, an Insane Gangster Disciples set. He was supposedly murdered on September 4th, 2012 by rival gang members.

A few months following Lil JoJo’s death, JayLoud was wearing a JoJo Tshirt on a city bus when he was confronted by numerous individuals over his hoodie, which had the text “JoJo World” on it. When notable gang members die in Chicago, their gangs often adopt names in their honor, following the death of Lil JoJo, his friends and allies started the movement ‘JoJo World’. When movements such as JoJo World start, they are often connected to the gang of the slain gang member, thus anyone in the movement often gets associated with the gang, which can cause problems from rival gang members. Such was the case for JayLoud, after he was confronted by the individuals on the bus, he was then chased down and shot multiple times and died from his injuries.

JayLoud’s cousin ‘Jonathan Moody’ said that he warned JayLoud of the problem that could rise from him wearing the Lil JoJo hoodie, but he dismissed his concerns due to the fact that Lil JoJo was his best friend. On December 17, 2012, a week before his death, JayLoud wrote the following on his twitter “I wear my #JOJOWORLD hoodie everywhere f--- ah opp.a”.

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