Keith Ape

Keith Ape was born on December 25, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea. His real name is Dongheon Lee. He is the youngest member of the Cohort but have the longest history in recording music. He grew up in the wonderful place of Bundang that can be suburb through train from the heart of Seoul.

He grew up well and did not attempt to do bad things such as jacking other’s money, smoking, drinking rather he found some outlet about hip hop. Listening to music is one of his favorite hobbies especially when he reached the age of 14. At a young age, he heard Nas and AZ spit bars in the song Life’s a B*tch, which made encouraged him to start experimenting with producing and writing rhymes.

At the age of 17, Keith Ape decided to drop out from his studies in high school and planned to continuously make music. He used Kid Ash as his screen name and started uploading music on SoundCloud. He also started making videos together with his friends and uploaded it on YouTube. However, he did not gain success even if he spent most of his time practicing recording. His father always lament about the career he chose.

However, despite of his unsuccessful career, he never lost hope and still hoped that he could make it in the future and it really happened. In the year 2012, everything changed his simple life, when one member of Cohort Okasian gave him the opportunity to listen to his song and found him as a young talented guy destined to be a rapper.

Starting from that time, he continuously used Kid Ash on all of Okasian albums and soon, he became regular in Cohort mixtapes. He decided to change his name to Keith Ape, which represents his favorite artist and his spirit animal. He became the member of Hi-Lite Records group named as The Cohort. His screen name was derived from the late Keith Haring, who has released music online. He started living in the music world and it’s the start of his career. Keith Ape’s IT G MA music video which dropped out in New Year’s Day gained 10 million views and was instantly shared. Due to the unexpected popularity of his video, he was noticed in the industry.

Keith Ape - (It G Ma) (feat. JayAllDay, Loota, Okasian & Kohh) Music Video

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