Kenny Red

Kenny Red is a rapper and gang member from Chicago, Illinois. Kenny Red is a member of the Gangster Disciples gang. Some of Kenny Red's most popular songs include "In The Field," "Ask Abt Me," and "The Wake" among others.

Kenny Red Vs Rico Recklezz

Kenny Red has a very public feud with Chicago rapper Rico Recklezz; Kenny claims he robbed Rico, but Rico has continually denied the allegations. Kenny has released numerous diss songs targeting Rico Recklezz including one titled “In The Field” in which he raps “Mack shots have his momma cryin, then beat the case cuz the witness died”. Rico Recklezz responded to Kenny’s song with his own song titled “Who Killed Kenny”, in which he says “You in the field? N*gga please, you in the house”.

Kenny Red - Ask Abt Me (Music Video)

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