King Fendi

King Fendi was born Siteem Newmones on April 24th 2002. He is an upcoming young rapper from Mays Landing New Jersey. He was Always "Oblock". But was born inside the Stanly HolmesVillage in Alantic City , New Jersey. When King Fendi says "Oblock" They Mistake him as Oblock inside Of Chiraq , Or Chicago. He Said in A Interview "I'd Rather Be BD Then GD"

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King Fendi vs Lil Rod

King Fendi is beefing with rapper Lil Rod a fellow young rapper in the game in one of Lil Rod's songs you can hear him say "This n*gga Fendi better act his age if I catch him in Jersey I'm gonna wack him right like a page."



KingFendi Has A Lil Selection Of Songs But The Best Ones Are. No Competition REMIX , Catch A Op , SneakDissin , And Computers Freestyle. Below Is King Fend's Instagram Page






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