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Lil Jeff
Lil Jeff (#99) born “Jeffrey Morgan” was a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. His life was brought to an abrupt end on Sunday May 12, 2013 during a house party on mother’s day. He was a member of the rap group Fly Boy Gang(FBG), which also includes his twin brother Lil Jay. He was an up and coming rapper, and had a mixtape titled ‘Count up 4 a Purpose’. One of his best song was “Turn Down For What” ft Ayoo Kd.

lil Jeff Gang Affiliation

Lil Jeff, just like his twin brother, was a member of the Insane Gangster Disciples set known as STL which they often refer to as Tooka Gang. Lil Jeff’s gang has been on the receiving end of numerous disses from Black Disciple rappers such Chief Keef, Durk-Rap Artist" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Lil Durk, among others. They have also dissed their rival gangs in their songs by claiming ‘BDK’ among other things.

Lil Jeff Shot

While attending a house party on the 600 block of Sibley Street, Lil Jeff was shot multiple times with a gun and died on the scene. The party had over 50 attendees, another individual, whom was a family friend of the homeowners, was shot in the leg, but survived. When the cops asked the individual that was shot in his leg if he would like to press charges, he responded “I don’t have time for that”.

Lil Jeff's Killer

Lil Jeff’s killer was not apprehended, but many people believe that it was a result of a gang warfare between Lil Jeff’s gang Tooka, and a hood located in East Hammond, Indiana known as ‘Lil Haiti’ that has lot of Zoe Pound gang members. Lil Haiti is located just a few miles away from the South Side of Chicago. Lil Jeff himself had a song titled “F*ck East Haiti” in which he said “Go Insane, Go Crazy, all my n*ggas say f*ck East Haiti”. Another reason many believe he was killed by individuals from East Haiti is a song by Lil Jay titled “RIP Lil Jeff(Go Insane)”, in which Lil Jay say “Catch an East Haiti n*gga, I’m gonna put his a*ss to rest” and “Catch an East Haiti goofy, I’m gonna shoot him in his brain”.

Lil Jeff ft. Ayoo Kd - Turn Down For What Video

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