Morgan Boys

Morgan Boys (MBs, MBz) is a Folks Nation gang from Chicago, Illinois. Their members are all Latino. Their symbols include a cross with slashes through the center, the six-point star, six dots, and the number 6. Their colours are blue and red.

Morgan Boys Gang History

The Morgan Boys (MBs) were formed in the year 1989 by Chuckkie around the corner of 17th -18th as well as Morgan. When they first formed, Chuckkie wanted to unite the Morgan Boys with Party People to become a Party People faction; many believe their intentions for the unification was so they could join the Folks Nation. The Morgan Boys did succeed in becoming a Party People faction and joined the Folk Nation in the year 1989. The alliance did not last long; Chuckkie broke the Morgan Boys away from the Party People, hence becoming an independent nation from Party People. The break-up between the MBs and Party People lead to the Party People declaring war on the Morgan boys. After the war broke out, the Morgan Boys started hanging out with Ambrose for protection from the Laraza, People Nation, and Party People gangs. In the year 1990, the Party People murdered Chuckkie outside of Benito Juarez High School. Following the death of Chuckkie, the Morgan Boys weren’t capable of expanding much further and have since been declining numbers over the years.

Morgan Boys Gang Locations

  • 16th St - 18th Pl on Morgan
  • 16th St & Miller
  • Hammond, Indiana
  • Logansport, Indiana

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