Party People (Gang)

Party People (Gangster Party People, PP, PPN, GPPS, GPPN) is a Folks Nation gang located in Chicago, Illinois. Most of their members are Latino. Their symbols include: the Playboy Bunny, Cross with 3 slashes above and circle on the bottom. Their colors are black and white.

Party People Gang History

It was around the early 1970s when the Party People gang started in the Pilsen neighbourhood by an individual named Michael in Chicago, Illinois; Michael was later found stabbed to death. Party People were only in party crew in 1970s, they threw several parties in the Pilsen area and invited many other gangs of the area to their parties. Around 1984, Party People fell into some issues with certain gangs in their neighborhood (primarily people nation gangs). During this time, the Party People joined the Folks alliance under the Two Six umbrella. Party People have later on advanced their presence into the Gage Park as well as Marquette Park. Over time, Party People have gone to war with other Folk Nation gangs like the Satan Disciples and La Raza. In the 1980s Party People established a relationship with La Raza which was referred to as “old Skool section” for a tag that Party People and La Raza did together. The 2 gangs are now caught up in a bitter war between one another. Prior to the year 2000, Party People were in peace with the Satan Disciples (SDs) until a Party People gang member gunned down a 7 year-old boy for disrespecting the Party People gang. The death of the 7 year-old initiated a war between the SDs and Party People. The Party People member whom gunned down that boy was later caught and convicted of murder and is currently serving time for his crime.

Party People Locations

  • Pilsen Neighborhood : "Murder Town"
  • 16th to Cullerton , Allport to Miller
  • 17th & Carpenter
  • 17th & Racine
  • 18th / 19th & May "War Zone"
  • G-Town - (56th to 59th from Campbell to Talman)
  • 56th & Maplewood
  • Berwyn,IL
  • Cicero,IL
  • Evergreen Park,IL (Renegades)
  • Paducah,Ky

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