Poke (Slang Definition)

Poke is a slang term with numerous meanings.

Poke (Violence Slang)

This poke is referring to stabbing someone. In L'A Capone's "Intro" song, he raps "If he got them oz., then we poke him." L'A Capone is saying if someone (dealer) has drugs (oz) on him, he'll stab them up for their drugs.

Poke (Sexual Slang)

Poke is also a slang which refers to any sexual acts that involves penetration.

Poke (Internet Slang)

Many social networking sites have a poking feature which lets you poke other users. Prior to the birth of social networks, people used to send "poke" as a message to other chats users as a joke to see if they were still active in the chat.

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