Stoley1st Stoley1st was born Crimson Chris James; he is a 23 year old up and coming American Rapper from Harlem NY. Stoley1st, was born in Harlem NY but moved many times; he was raised between NY, Florida, but currently live in Las Vegas. He had an awesome outlook on his childhood and believes moving around has positively affected his music by saying, “Living all over kinda got (me) to experience different ways of life, different customs, and people along the way. Hopefully the way I deliver my music people from all over can appreciate it.”

Stoley1st and Three60
Stoley1st on right and Three60 on left

Stoley1st’s love for Rap started at a very early age and said the following on how his career started, “ I always liked rap music...I would write lil poems, haiku’s and stuff in 3rd grade but in 6th grade we'd bring verses to school every day and spit em...” Other than moving from places to places, music was the only consistency he had while growing up. He met fellow rapper “THREE60” at 15 years and have been friends ever since. THREE60 adopted him as his little brother and in Stoley1st’s own words “he taught me to really rap”. He considers THREE60 to be the biggest name he has worked with so far and clearly respects him very much.

When asked what artist he would most like to work with he mentioned fellow Harlem rapper “Max B”. Some of his favorite artists include Andre3000, DMX, Jay-z, Nas, Lauryn Hill, Kanye, Jadakiss, MAX BIGGAVELLI, and Playaz circle.

Stoley1st has many other interests as well. He is also a graffiti artist, plays basketball and reps his bro’s clothing line #SMACKFACE T-shirts (Check ‘em out here on Instagram: @freshdinero) As for plans for the future Stoley1st has big ones! When asked what his goals are he said “goals for the future....I want to make my wildest dreams come true, definitely got the fam, hopefully have the impact like Michael Jackson, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix.” When asked what message he would like the world to know he quoted the great Einstein: “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it’s stupid.”

Stoley1st’s style is a little bit of everything. In a world where most rappers have the same styles, beats and lyrics on all their songs, Stoley1st shows variety on his tracks. Stoley1st has songs that make you wanna move such as “Just peddle” to love songs with emotion such as “thank you”. Fans of old school rap as well as new school, will surely appreciate his rapping abilities.

Stoley1st Social Networks

Twitter: @stoley1st
Facebook: Stoley1st
Instagram: yung_durty_bastard
Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/crimson-james

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