Tay600 is an up and coming drill rapper from Chicago, Illinois; he is currently affiliated with Lil Durk's OTF music group. Tay600 hasn't release too many music material as of late, he's more well known for being a notorious Black Disciples gang member from the 600 set of the gang which is often referred to as D-block and LA World following the death of his friend L'A Capone.

Most of the songs Tay600 has on youtube are features, his most popular one to date is "6Double0 pt2" by Edai RondoNumbanine & S.dotwhich are also 600 gang members. Tay600's gang set is currently at war with various rival gang sets in Chicago, some of those rival gangs have members whom are currently rappers and they tend to attack 600 in their songs, and rappers from the 600 camp have attacked their rivals in return such as the BrickSquad 063 set, TTB Nez,and 051. As in 600Brezzy song "Dont Get Smoked" he says "For L'a my niggas blow, catch T-Nez that nigga smoke, 051 you niggas hoes."TaySix00 is from D-Block Steve Drive wich is a Street known as Indiana. Rappers Edai, #9, Drose600, Qwap600,LA Capone and 600breezy are all from D-Block Steve Drive.

Tay600 Snitching

In June 2015, numerous 600 BD gang members including Edai, 600 Breezy and S Dot went on social networks to announce that Tay600 has been kicked out of the 600 gang. As fans questioned some of the rappers as to why Tay600 was kicked out, some members of 600 hinted it was due to Tay600 snitching.

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