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Yung Savage

Tony Mcgee (Born November 16, 1997), Better known by his stage name Yung Savage  is an American Rapper from Rialtio, California. He is also the C.E.O & Co/Founder of his music group F.F entertainment (Fresh Fantasy Entertainment/Fresh Fantasy Ink). Mcgee initally gained recognition when he released his singles, "Off The Porch" & "Deception" in May of 2016 on various music sharing websites such as Soundcloud, & Reverbnation. Although he had been making music years before, he had just began taking it seriously. He began to recieve popularity due to his clever way of recording quality material, which includes, "I Know", "Troops", and "See". You can find Yung Savage's music on Souncloud, Reverbnation, Youtube, and Google. Savage has original material and attracts fans due to his consistency & quality music. It could also be that he is different from any other Rapper you've ever heard, Savage describes his music as that 'Savage Shit'. But he also likes to point out that he is very versatile and loves to make music for all fans to enjoy. Savage is currently in the Studio day & night working on his debut mixtape that is set to be released later this year. Mcgee also releases new material daily on his personal pages/social sites listed above.

You can follow Yung Savage on Twitter @Yung_Savage_FF. You can also find him on Instagram @Boa_im_savage & Facebook @Yungass Savage

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